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Designed by Raf
3D Car by Vendel Váradi

About It video

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At least… We shot this video a year ago (with another one for LKY that we have to edit too)… And we release it now! A talented friend of use who dances, a local venue as background, no budget diy strikes again.
What’s next? We are actually working on mixing our new EP that will come in a few weeks.

Live report & video


We had two gigs last weeks… One at La Poudrière de Belfort and another in our hometown, Besançon, at la Rodia. Your feedbacks are very cool and encouraging, thank you very much for being there (if you were) and for your support. Now, we have to work our light show and add video projections to finish the wanted stage plot. Work in progress !
Big up to Matthieu for the heavy sound, we are very happy to work with him.
Another big up to dDamage – this guys are as kool on stage as backstage.

Here is a live video of LKY by Jean Phi & friends from Videolab.
Keep tuned, anther one will follow soon…

Double Release Party @ la Poudrère | Belfort

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We will play as guests saturday @ La Poudrière / Belfort for the Lynch the Elephant and Stoïc Drama double release party ! Be there if you are round here and if you don’t know this bands yet, have a listen to their music.


Thank to them to share the stage.

More details > 2.0


Having to tame a few CSS but a new website is online…

Zero Dollar Bill


With this Counterfeit money, you will be able to buy nothing. This is our gift for you.
Back face to come…